Samurai Awakening is a series of books about a foreign exchange student, David Matthews in Japan. This fantastic series is written by Benjamin Martin who has an extensive knowledge in the Japanese language and culture. He has taught in Japan for a period of five years before shifting to the Okinawa Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Demonstration Facility. His experiences of working as a teacher on the small islands in Okinawa contributed greatly to his books series “Samurai Awakening”

Benjamin Martin has managed to write a book based in Japan with a American as the main protagonist. Interestingly he has made the connect between the East and the West in a seamless way, making it an easy read for everyone. Although his books are technically classified under the Young Adult genre, they can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in the Japanese culture.
Currently there are three books in the series:
· Samurai Awakening
· Revenge of Akuma Clan
· Betrayal

All of these books portray David Matthews as the main protagonist as he tries to come to terms to being possessed by a Japanese God. The first book was a huge hit among readers leading the author to pen a sequel, and this led to the last book being published in 2015. The protagonist of the books, David Matthews finds himself in a spot in the first book on landing in Japan with zero knowledge about the culture or the language. As he is prodding through his studies, he finds himself possessed by Japanese god after attending a temple ceremony. All of a sudden he is able to convers in fluent Japanese to the surprise of his peers. He also picks up a couple of amazing new powers including being able to shapeshift into a tiger and bring forth a powerful sword at any time of need. Unfortunately, along with these awesome powers, David needs to face the terrifying creatures that make up Japanese legends. It is up to the reader to read the book and find out what becomes of David and his powers.

In the first book of the series he is seen attempting to save the daughter of his host family in Japan. He uses his powers to slay mythical Japanese creatures to bring back Rie to safety. The subsequent books in the Samurai Awakening series follow his path in fighting against the evil creatures of Japanese legends.

Benjamin Martin has etched out the characters in these books wonderfully, giving them enough flesh for the readers to feel a direct connect. With the growing interest among youngsters in mythology, the Samurai Awakening has come out at the right time and introduced Japanese mythology to the next generation. Once you start reading the Samurai Awakening, you will find yourself lost in the wonders of Japanese mythology. Consider yourself warned!